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Alice in wonderland
It was just another normal day like any other for Alice, boring. Alice was a normal girl average build, long black hair to her waist with she wore a red ribbon in. She wore a black, white and red dress with was simply designed with bows. She was meant to be learning but she wasn't paying any attention. Instead she was off in her own world daydreaming, wondering if anything would ever be any different around here. Suddenly she found herself very tired and thought to herself that she would only close her eyes for a second.
Opening my eyes i found myself to be in a strange new place. There was black and white spirals everywhere she looked and the sky was a nightmarish shade of red and the ground was made of black and white blocks some sat suspended in mid air, a forest surrounded this weird scene and it was very dark and it seemed to creep down like it would take me under.
I closed my eyes hoping if I do I'll wake up and all this will just be a dream, but i heard a rustling fo
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Death taunted the night sky and quiet loomed eerily in the atmosphere. The moons light prayed mercilessly down upon the lagoons surface yet was the only light in the forest, the backround amid with shadow. The water was a murky toxic green. It lay dead still and no one would dare to enter.
The marbled water broke from it dormant stillness and the silence was broke by a piercing scream. A darkened figure appeared out of the lagoon and she arose slowly from the water.
Her appearance entranced all that set eyes upon her ebony locks tumbled over her shoulders and her poison dead lips cried obsession yet her looks disguised her cruel cold heart.
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im just using this to put the starts of some stuff im writing atm till theer finished andf i can put them on the website ima put my stories and watever on now

Trapped in this place, don't know how I got here, how longs it been since I came here? All things seem lost in this shell of a room, everything is pointless here, nothing seems to matter. I don't know how I ended up in this place but people come and I don't know what they want from me... there's so many voices, they haunt me but I don't understand, not anymore. I feel so lost why can't they just let me leave?

In this room time will never pass quickly, the silence is taunting me, it never lets me go from it's iron grip, I don't know which is worst when they're here or when they're not, these people why do they keep coming back, i'd do anything to get out of here.




Footsteps coming closer, getting louder, i know that has a meaning but I don't know what it is. A small creaking sound and there's a small light creeps through the room "mail?" someone asks a man a long white coat asks. What he's saying sounds familiar from some time long ago but i can't remember. "mail it's okay. Come out of their trust me" i realize he's talking to me and that i'm under the bed. I don't know how i got there but i dont care,it doesn't seem important. "mail" the stranger repeated. "yes?" was that me?, was that my voice?

"you need to come with me" the stranger replied.

He lead me down a hall it seemed to stretch on ominously without end all the walls were the same shade of white, they had no windows only doors on one side where other patient where confined everything eerily quiet the only sound where soft muttering from within the patients cells that echoed throught the empty halls. The stranger said "in here" bering me back to reality he i looked around and saw that we were now at the end of the hall and that the stranger was standing holding the door waiting for me to enter.

I went into the room causiously knowing that no good could come from this I heard a slight click and relised that He had locked the door with the door closed everything was dark I couldn't see my hands in front of me heart seemed to have somehow moved so that i could now here it thudding loudly in my ears. The stranger turned on the light now i could see that there was a bed in the middle of the room and operating equitment beside it my heart seemed to thud more loudly i saw a man with wild black hair and a red insane glint in his eyes, he standing beside the table in the white clinical attire surgeons wore.

Without realizing it i had started to back away but i felt strong hand hold me arms and stop me going any futher. I tryed to scream but i mouth was dry and i opened my mouth but couldn't make a sound. The man with the insane red eyes said with a false calmness in his mouth "ah it seems you understand why you are here" He indicated the table with the surgeons tools on it.

The insane man picked up a pointed revolving object and seemed to eximine it closely before saying to my captor "bring him over here i think we are reading to proceed". I tryed a desperate attempt to run and somehow managed to struggled from the man grip i ran and the insane surgeon shouted "catch him NOW!" and the man who had held me started to run after me, I knocked over the table to surgeons tools in an attempt to get him off my trail he tripped over and i ran to the door struggling with the lock to try and it get it open before the man was able to get up again.

Then i heard a banging at the other side of the door and there was a loud yell from the other side "come out with your hands up or we will break this door down" The insane man laughed manically and shouted "NEVER" he grabbed the knife and started to run ato the door but it was too late the police broke threw the door open,it hit the surgeon and the force of ti knocked him of his feet, three police men held him down and put his arm behind his back and struggled widly one of the police men said "beyond birthday you are under arrested for the murder and attempted murder of many asylum patients". They then dragged beyond from the room while he just laughed hysterically.

One of the police officers who was tall and had auburn hair and eyes approached me slowly only then i relised i was in the corner hugging myself tightly rocking back and forth involuntarily repating over and over "dont let him hurt me!". The police over kneeled down in front of me and said it a soothing voice "it's okay im a police officer my name is light yagami and he's gone now it'll all be okay". I looked up at his hesitantly and just nodded while he lead me to the police department.


Stupid dreams that aren't real,I can't think, i can't feel,Close my eyes but it's all the same,I don't want to keep playing your game,You've got me trapped, you know you do,Why can't we just be through?Ignorance is our bliss,The words you said sealed with a kiss,It's all just lies I see that now,I've got to get out someway somehow,Sometimes I still believe,The broken promises you always weave,But that's all they are they'll never be true,Why can't I just leave you…?

The Little Girl

Ever since she could remember she knew. At first she didn't understand, couldn't understand, she thought she had lost her mind thought there was somethnig wrong with her and maybe there was. She always has a gift or should we call it a curse,because every person she met she was able to see inside there soul and pick out their deepest darkest sercet. She didnt tell anyone. Of course she wouldn't, what would they thnik of her then? What would they do to her? Would they lock her up? Burn her at the steak? So she didn't tell, didn't even speak for the fear of telling anyone what she could do and soon everyone started to forget about her, they forgot she ever exsisted. Until..

you put me on your cross, you like to think that everythings is fine, you like to pretend that your something devine, i hope you find what your looking for that caused you to hurt me like this, maybe at some point you used to care,i gave up all i swear, the truth of that is now since lost, my heart and soul but a cost, and now i will say goodbye to everything i've denied,

you nailed me to your cross, to forget what is now lost, you still think everything is fine, you like to think your something devine, maybe you need to look again and see this place consumed by pain, i know that you used to care because of the secrets we used to share,

(havn't thought of a title yet this is for my english coursework)

A lone dark room miles away from the city miles away from anywhere really. A round table surrounded by hooded figures in intricatitly designed red velevet almost throne like chairs,came a subdued mummer of voices was heard not a single word legible.

A tall hoooded figure at the head of the table raises a small hammer and bangs it against the table. All noise died out. As uf some unspoken agreement had been communiated which no one else would understand.

The figure that had banged the hammer, the leader lowered his hood. A man in his mid twenties with a solemn expression on his face which made him seem much older than he actually was. His long main of red hair the only sign of life to his appearance.

He annouced to the surrounding group "welcome brothers you all know we have fought many centuries for this and i know you have all waited patiently for the return of our lord and it will soon be the moment we have all been waiting for but first we need to find a we all have to acknowledge that sacifrices will be made but it will be for the greater good. You are all well aware of what is written in the profecy."

"We will have to use means we never thought about using before this means we must summon HIM" gasps resounded from all around and one of the cloaked figure whispered in a terrified voice "but master you surely cant mean... surely it has not come to that" the leader replied "yes mihael it is time, now are you with us or not" the man proclaimed mihael stammered "yes master...of..of course" the leader continued as if no one has said anything "now we must all join hands and recite from or sacret parchment" all of them nodded and started to chant in deadened voices "
Other alice in wonderland based story

Alice was no normal girl when she closed her eyes she saw thing no little girl should ever see she saw gruesome scenes or murder and she felt isolated from everyone else she would run and scream to try and get away from her own head but of course it would never work. She couldn't tell anyone she knew she could because if she did they would lock her up and but she wasn't insane right? these things she saw they were all they were all in their imagination weren't they?

Her mother knew there was something wrong with Alice, she tried to ignore it said this was just what all girls were like daydreaming of in their own world, but sometimes she heard Alice crying and calling out in her sleep to someone that wasn't there and she was scared for her daughter like any other mother would be.

In the end Alice's mother couldn't take it anymore so she called a therapist to see Alice to try and help her little girl. She called Alice to the living room and told her to sit down and that there was someone there to see her. Alice looked scared now, guilt welled up inside her but she had to go through with this she had to see what was wrong with Alice.

Alice's mother called for the therapist to come in Alice looked more frightened now "mother, what's going on, who is he?" She replied "Alice this is doctor Keehl, he just wants to talk and make sure your okay"  She got up and started to leave the room, Alice looked hysterical now "mother, don't leave me with  him please." her sentence all coming out in one breath.

Doctor Keehl approached Alice slowly and said "calm down, I'm only here to talk to you ,do not worry nothing will happen" Alice just nodded dumbly still scared


beyond the bounds of my soul,cant find a way to reach my goal, take me back to the way i used to be, so lost in this insanity,can't help but wish i could find some kind of salvation, this isn't my heart isn't my vocation, who i am is gone forever, wont be able to find my soul never  


leave me to my silent dreams, not by night you'll hear my screams, i want to find the place i'll hide, from my fears deep inside, take me to my lullubay, sing it to me and hear me cry, my broken pieces you take away, trying to tell me it's okay, can't you see what this has done, remember the days we used to be one, i fade into my abyss, you steal away my final kiss,

i lay apron my rotted grave,wondering if there's nothing left to save, everyones left me on my own,


sold my soul to see what's on the other side, told myself thing would be better if i go run and hide,

maybe some day you'll see how beautiful this world can be,with eyes sealed shut,your stuck in this rut, you're never going to get out if you dont even try,


We will never be the same,We can not live again,If we fall we're all gonna die,What can we do to defy,It was always our fate, Stuck in a realm filled with hate,We can never ever be free,We can't exist,Can't just be,So close our eyes for the very last time,Nothing's wrong,Everything will be fine.


The world as we know it can not exist, It's full of perfect broken diasters,shrouded by what we believe to be real,our defences are all we know,our minds can not free ourself for we nkow we dont want to,forever our perfect world,nothings real,if real means anythnig at all,reality its self is the paradox,creating impossible things,that we only want to believe


our perfect world, our perfect broken impossible world,perfect.imperfectly perfect, you spend your whole life terying to find out what on the other side,somethnig beyond our reality, but this world has more than we could ever imagine defining the hearts and souls of all that surrounds us how can we look for so much more when we can't look and see whats all around us, our hate,our love,our dreams all combined possible and impossible at the same time,but tis all here its all we've ever know but we cant see,this is enough more than enought its everything and nothing, you search for soemthnig that only has half of what we have now and think that will be your paradise,

these thnigs are two parts of the one whole without the other neither could exist, to try and sepreate to make a shadow of the whole will never work,dont you see, none can exist without its other half,without the opposite,the balance,everythnig falls to pieces,theres nothnig left,just nothing, never everythnig..


my eyes bleed hate, torn by our twisted fate,


My Story.

I am Fraya , a believer, nineteen as far as you know and this is my story.

A long time ago I was just like you, a ordinary person living my life they way all ordinary people do, until so long ago I still remember when all other memories seemed to have faded how I ended up as I am now, what that is you ask but there's plenty of time to tell you about that. Yes, we will start at how this all began. And that is a story indeed.


Even if you could read my mind im too blind to see, my sight has faded as my mind does as well as my memory,my soul was lost long before, my frame,shaken to its core,

Eyes of a girl this isnt me, she closes her eyes she doesn't want to see, the s

Failling into the waters of the deep, a million promises i can not keep

In a world of people that are meant to be the same, what is the neverending game?

I stand on the outside of a foreign place, a stranger to this alien race, i skim the surface never falling in,

In this night of everlasting dread, I walk among the living dead, for my life is but a dream, and I can not be all that I seem

I feel I am going insane, like bullets going through my brain

she's too real,on the ground i kneel,I'm trying to hide, from this other side, she likes to wear my guise, it is her perfect disguise, I can't take control,she has me as a whole
she is the embodiment of all that is wrong,she closes her eyes as she sings her sad song
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